//Healthy Side of Bath Bombs

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs

What is the healthy side of bath bombs? Has it ever crossed your mind what the assorted bath bombs that you love to indulge in with your bath are made of? We know there are bath bombs made in the USA, but what components make them up? The stores develop brilliant displays with these brightly colored spectacles offering bath bombs for men and women that produce luscious aromatic fragrances in soft yet intense or sweet yet fruity or even citrus yet floral scents. These innocent-looking creations draw people in only to have them become hooked with the first experience in a hot, soaking tub. Are there benefits to the ingredients that are released by bath bombs?

What Ingredients Are In Bath Bombs?

There is a mix of dry ingredients included in bath bombs that release once introduced into a tub of bathwater. The typical ingredients are baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Organic Shea Butter, essential oils, and colorants. Other standard components include scented elements, Sunflower Oil, and other oils that will aid in adding moisture and nourishment to the skin along with some types of dried flowers or herbs and some different kinds of glitter for aesthetics.

There is generally a shape like a sphere, which is the basis for luxurious foaming bath bombs names. Still, these lush bath bombs can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, or colors and offer a vast array of scents that fit any type of taste or preference.

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs

The Benefits Of Bathing With Bath Bombs

Taking a bath gets regarded as the epitome of body cleaning and self-care. Many people prefer adding comfort and fun as they make their bath. Whether you are in receipt of a gift set for women of essential oil bath bombs or your significant other surprises you with bath gift sets for women as wedding gifts or anniversary gifts, there is more to these delightful balls than merely bubbles and fragrance. Once you have had a bath from a bath bomb essential oil set, you will feel a difference.  It’s about more than just getting clean. This is a women’s gift that is going to set your body at ease and allows your mind to be soothed, releasing any muscle strains, and clearing anxieties. What are the advantages?

  • Bath bombs come with numerous benefits like subduing eczema, relieving congestion, and enhancing a good night’s rest. But after a long day’s work, everyone deserves a good rest in a tranquil environment. Bath bomb provides you just the thing you need.
  • All-Natural. Many bath items like shower gels, soaps, body scrubs, shampoos, and lotions don’t offer natural ingredients, unlike bath bombs. They are typically comprised of natural substances. They contain nothing harmful, harsh chemicals, nor irritants that may induce an allergic reaction, rash, irritation, or more severe skin issues for those who suffer from sensitivity with their skin. The premium quality bath bombs have no artificial agents in the fragrance or noxious dyes.
  • Regular tap water is generally hard for the skin and may dry it out and induce itching. The bath bombs offer emollients that soften the water making it more skin-friendly. Aside from the natural essential oils, such as chamomile, lavender, tea tree, rose, almond, eucalyptus, and lemon, there is shea, coconut, and cocoa butter giving moisture to the skin and nourishing it allowing for it to come out feeling soft and supple. The citric acid, along with the bicarbonate, is working to clean and heal the skin and will also add strength to blood vessels. While the ingredients offer functionality and practicality for our skin, they also allow it to look healthy, glowing, and youthful.
  • Atmosphere. Aside from spoiling your skin, bath bombs aid in creating an environment unlike any other for an experience-based in opulence and luxury where the only agenda is to relax and indulge in pampering. After the beautiful bright ball hits the warm bath water, it explodes with multiple bubbles, bursts of color and will release scents that soothe the mind making the regular bath scene turn into the spa of your dreams.
  • Aromatherapy. One of the most attractive features of bath bombs for many people are the amazing scents that they release with water contact. The bathroom is filled with magnificent fragrance that attaches to the skin leaving your skin fresh. The scents of these balls offer aromatherapy effects due to the natural oils that are comprised of high-quality bombs. If you’re having an unusually low-energy day and you choose to take a nice bath in the morning to rejuvenate. Generally, the citrus-scented bath bombs will give you that resilience. This will help you to awaken and get ready for any challenges that you may face during the day. Or, if you need to let go of those stresses after a hard day of tension, the lavender scents will take a bath in the direction of relaxation and calm to remove any type of fatigue and soothe the nerves bringing about a sweet restful sleep.

Using Bath Bombs In Alternative Ways

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs Today

Healthy Side of Bath Bombs Today

Receiving a bath bomb essential oil bath gift set will set anyone’s mind into motion on the various ways in which these lovely bombs can be used aside from their traditional purpose. Many don’t realize they can be used in other methods outside of the tub. Some people aren’t necessarily a bath kind of person but don’t want to be left out of the bath bomb experience.

  • Sachets. Take a favorite scented bath bomb and place it into a fabric bag that is made out of organza or material that is close to that which offers a tie closure. You can use the sachet dry to line a drawer as a freshener for your linens, or it can be attached to the head of the shower for an aromatherapy-type of experience. It is also possible to use a bath bomb in the shower by placing it on the floor and allowing the water to break and release the beautiful goodness.
  • Scrub Base For the Shower. Crush the bath bomb and combine the powder in with brown sugar and either coconut or pure olive oil inside a small jar at ½ and ⅓ cups respectively. This will create an awesome exfoliate that can be used within the shower allowing those who aren’t interested in baths to reap the skin benefits from the bombs. This isn’t something that is recommended for those bombs that are brightly colored or darker in color or those that offer glitter as an element. Most others will do if they are of premium quality and provide only natural components.
  • Decor. Bath bombs are available in any possible neutral color, any type of tone, many color combinations. They not only offer a fresh scent and a fizzy feel, but they are quite pretty in general when dry and can offer a nice decorative touch to a room. Take a clear glass bowl, place several bombs in it and sit it somewhere in the home either on a shelf or a side table or a console. It will not only add a nice touch of color to the area, but it will give a lovely fresh scent to the air.
  • Deodorizer. Dry bath bombs offer delightful scents just as the ones that are dissolved in water, and they produce these fragrances over a long period. This allows that they can be used to deodorize or remove nasty odors from within closet spaces or cabinet areas or even within your vehicle. These can be placed as air fresheners within the bathroom, to give the laundry room a pleasant aroma, or add a soft fragrance to the living room.

Some Helpful Tips To Conclude

Here are a few helpful tips that some may not know about bath bombs:

  • Many don’t realize that bath bombs can expire, but they, in fact, do. To accomplish the maximum in fizz and scent, most bath bombs should be used within a month at the very most from the date that it has been manufactured.
  • There are bath bombs on the market that contain dried flower petals, glitter components, or even herbs. To keep these elements from clogging drains or sticking to the tub, place the bath bomb within nylon or some type of cloth bag so that these ingredients can stay inside. Still, the other fun components will be able to pass through the material.
  • Some of the bath bombs on the market are rather significant, meaning that one of them will be sufficient for up to two baths by cutting the bomb in half. The half that’s not used should be wrapped tightly and kept in a dry area or stored in an airtight jar.

If you’re feeling especially crafty, there are ways to DIY bath bombs with special molds by packing all of the natural components into the specific shape. But if you’re going to indulge, why not buy the pretty ones on the market.

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