//Self Nurturing and Other Bath Bomb Tales

Self Nurturing and Other Bath Bomb Tales

Self Nurturing and Other Bath Bomb Tales

How to prepare the ideal day of serene self-nurturing with bath bomb gift sets for women. First, let’s consider why we need to be looking at it as ‘nurturing’ ourselves as opposed to ‘self-care.’ Nurturing is gentle. It’s allowing us to be comfortable with ourselves. For many, we’re self-critical when we stop and take five minutes to relax and have a simple cup of coffee. Thinking we should be doing something productive every single second of every single day until our head finally falls on the pillow. Getting a few hours of sleep only to get back up to do it all again.

Bath Bomb Tales to Relax

Bath Bomb Tales to Relax

We’re in an age of go, go, go where we’re not stopping to rest, relax, or allow ourselves to believe that we are worthy of tenderness and care. We don’t think about bring calm to ourselves through our own thoughts and actions without any semblance of guilt or negative thoughts running through our minds during the process.

Self-nurturing is something that takes working up to. It’s difficult for everyone to give in to it. Once you allow a few moments into your life, there’s no going back, and it has to become a daily ritual then. Self-nurturing is the method that you will use before initiating actual self-care. It’s tough to keep your thoughts together when you’re self-nurturing in the beginning and not let them go into a negative mode. It’s hard to change your habits so that you allow yourself to self-nurture. And let it lead you into how you will spend your time and how you will be interacting with others and relating to yourself.

How To Self Nurture

In the beginning, you want to take it slowly and just allow simple things to get yourself in the self-nurturing motions:

  • Sleep no less than 8 hours, not negotiable, and wake with a nice hot bath and lush bath bombs. Make sure you have bath bombs for men and women so your spouse can enjoy self-nurture. It makes the perfect wedding gifts or anniversary gifts.
  • Make yourself move your body during the day and pay attention to that feeling of being alive.
  • Read something that makes you feel wonder—a quote, a passage, or even a poem, feel the wonder and think on it.

This is the very minimum self-nurturing that you will do for yourself every day, no matter how long it may take. Set a goal for yourself of how much time until you add more to your self-nurturing routine.

Small Steps

Because this is a small number of things that you have to do, there are little nudges that you can squeeze in here and there in addition that won’t take any time at all but will make you feel perfect.

Self Nurturing Bath Bombs

Self Nurturing Bath Bombs

  • Grateful. While you are waiting for dinner to cook each day, take a notebook and write down five things that you are personally thankful for in your life.
  • Wake up a few minutes earlier than usual (but make sure you’ve had 8 hours of sleep). Take this time to practice relaxation maneuvers/therapy. Some people will choose to meditate. It doesn’t have to get to that point if you aren’t ready for that just yet. Just focus on relaxation. This will set the course for the rest of your day.
  • Make sure that the people you are around, who are surrounding you, are positives. These people should be encouraging growth within you and allow you to thrive. Try to connect yourself with people who you may have lost touch with that meant a lot to you.
  • Make yourself always approach every situation, no matter how difficult or triggered you may be, with kindness and compassion. You don’t know what may be happening in the other person’s life that may cause them to act out towards you, so you just always be responsible for being the kind one.
  • Eat healthy, whole, balanced food, and drink plenty of water. Listen to your body.

Adding a few of these things in with the three self-nurturing tips sporadically or as you feel comfortable will begin to help you feel like it’s okay to take care of you. Then you’ll be ready to graduate into self-care without criticizing yourself for taking time for you. One important self-nurturing exercise, this is a goal after you have had a few weeks of the other steps, is a unique spa treatment day. This is the ultimate in self-nurturing. This is where you break out all of the essential oils, foaming bath bombs or assorted bath bombs or even essential oil bath bombs, and completely spoil yourself. Let’s check this out.

My Very Own Spa Treatment Day

An excellent relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom is the perfect way to end a long, hard day. Create a routine to play soft music, good reading material, a pillow to support your neck, and the bath complete with bath fuzzy bombs or an essential oil set. The most crucial aspect of your treatment is a secure lock on the door and a sign on the outside, indicating no interruptions.

A nice bath consists of the perfect temperature, some beautiful bath bombs made in the USA, perhaps some candles on the ledge with the lights down low. Get a nice flow of bubbles on the water, this will maintain the heat for as long as you would like to stay in and relax. Momentary bliss in a luxurious bath at home on your own terms without paying a fortune to a fancy spa. It doesn’t get much better than that. So how do you prepare for this night? Let’s get started.

Getting Ready For Your Luxurious Spa Treatment

Before you have your self-pampering spa treatment, you want to prepare for this special occasion. There are things you need to do to make sure you are spoiled to the fullest extent in your bath and that you’ll want to make this a more regular occurrence.

Prepare the Tub

Before you get in the tub, make sure that it has had a thorough cleaning. A citrus/salt combination will give your bathtub a refresh. While you’re at it, spruce up the room so that you have an ambiance to look forward to. Open any packaged gifts you’ve received and never tried; bath gift sets for women, essential oil bath gift set, any women’s gifts that you tucked away for a special occasion. This is it!

Bath Caddy

This can be something that you make so that you have it for all of your future bath occasions, or you can purchase bath trays for as little as $20 In with the bath gift set section or the gift set for women area. These sit across the ledges of the tub and hold things such as your books, drink, snacks, music. This way, there is no need to get out of the tub to fetch something.

MoodSelf Nurturing Mood

You’ll want to mimic the setting of an actual spa, which is generally dimly lit with soft music playing. There are dimmer switches and light bulb options that will aid in setting the right mood inside the bathroom, plus you’ll want to spread candles throughout the space. Enjoy a variety of relaxing music combinations, including strings and piano tunes, or you can go with tranquil sounds such as rain or fire, anything that will be soothing. If you want to listen by way of your phone, you may want to put it in a safe place away from the tub or else put it in a Ziploc baggie.


You’ll need to be sure that the bathwater is the ultimate temperature. Relaxation time is always cut short by water that is too cool, and if it’s hot, you’ll be sweating. A suitable happy medium is going to be at approximately 100 degrees F once you’re ready to get in, just a bit more than a body’s average temp. A good rule of thumb is to boil two pots of water before starting the tap and gradually pour them in the bath, so the surface begins to warm. Then when the tap runs, the cool surface from the tub isn’t going to instantly chill the water that’s filling the tub.

Bath Accessories

No bath experience would be complete without some bath bombs or other luxurious goodies. There are tons of different bath products on the market to make the bath super spa-like, or you can also DIY the products if you so choose. Bath bombs are the ultimate experience as they infuse the water with fragrance as well as bring a tingle to the water. Also, they can turn the water to your favorite color depending on the bath bombs that you choose.

These tips should prepare you for the ultimate spa night in your bath. After experiencing such luxury and privacy, you’ll want to do it more often. The family will just have to learn to function without you for a few sacred hours each week. Self-nurturing is not a bad thing, and you can’t beat yourself up once you decide it’s time to indulge. It’s something that every human requires so that we are happy as well as those around us.


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