//Self-Care Inside Out

Self-Care Inside Out

Self-Care Inside Out

Self-care inside out: our world is so busy in the technological age with everyone going nonstop, no time for each other, let alone yourself. When we do think about self-care, we imagine a massage at the spa, or a face mask, or a bubble bath complete with; well, you name it. We have bath bombs of any variety. There are assorted bath bombs, bath fizzy bombs, lush bath bombs, essential oil bath bombs, foaming bath bombs, bath bombs made in the USA, and your regular run-of-the-mill bath bombs. Then you run into your essential oils for which you can get an entire essential oil set. If you’re female, you are bound to receive for women’s gifts, bath gift sets for women, or some type of gift set for women when your significant other really don’t know what on Earth to give. The thing is we can return the favor when it’s time for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts because they do make bath bombs for men and women. It’s the thought that counts, honey.

Home Spa

A nice relaxing spa bath at home is really lovely, and it takes away the stresses of the day and puts you in a nice relaxed, euphoric place for those 20 minutes. It’s a good first step in the self nurturing process. It feels incredible. All of us, though, women and men, need to get into a more systematic method of care for ourselves. That word can have a million different meanings. It doesn’t only have to be about pampering or treating yourself to being spoiled. Anything that you do to take care of your body, mind, and spirit is considered to be self-care. It is critical when you are looking into self care that you widen your scope and think about the cultivation of gratitude along with the necessity to find interests that you can deeply grow to care about outside of the realm of exercise or your job such as hobbies or volunteering or something that you have a passion for that you’ve always put on the back burner.

Self-care Inside Out

Self-care Inside Out

Maybe your version of self-care inside out is simply that hot bubble bath, and that’s ok or merely a nice cup of coffee on the porch watching birds. Use these moments to get in touch with your spirit of positivity and gratefulness. You’ll be amazed at the difference in you when you take care of yourself.  

Taking Care Of You

There are a ton of different things you can do that will be good for the wellbeing of you.  If you want that excellent bath at home with the lights down and the candles on, get your essential oil bath gift set, the soft music, a pillow, and chill out for as long as that water will keep you warm.  Here are a few other things that you can do for your spirit.



Exercise is absolutely a significant element of self-care. Sometimes, though, working out is not seen as the most fun, stress-free activity that we can do for ourselves. That’s because people are pushing their bodies so hard to meet some unrealistic criteria in this world today. Walking outside, however, will calm your brain and doesn’t put any stress on the body. It’s not so difficult to fit this activity regardless of your schedule, and it’s free. You can daydream or meditate, and it elevates the mood. It can also be an excellent opportunity for socialization. Meet up with a good friend and catch up while you take a pleasant stroll through the park and even stop for a bite to eat when you’re through. 



If you do several stretching exercises before going to bed, it will gently relax the body and repair the muscles and rejuvenate you. Fitness experts claim that this is an excellent source of injury prevention and allows for recovery as well as making for a much better night’s sleep.


Also, before going to bed, you should take 15 minutes and read a book instead of looking at your cell phone…an actual book. It boosts mental health by alleviating stress, which encourages empathy and makes the brain sharp and also allows for a much better sleep pattern.


Getting your life organized seems like that would be the last thing that someone interested in self-care would be interested in. But organizing aspects of your life will generally bring a sense of serenity as well as a feeling of some relief.  It doesn’t matter if you free up closets space or go through old emails or straighten out your work area, it will end up clearing your head and give you the ability to focus and produce better. You should try to clean your work area each day before you stop even if you work from home.  The next day you’ll come in refreshed.


It is proven that dancing is rehabilitative, even with Alzheimer’s patients. It is just uplifting and rejuvenating.  There is something about the moves and the music that only boosts the brain. You don’t have to be the next Dancing With the Stars contestant. You’ll get in some physical activity, and decrease your anxiety, increase some self-esteem, and overall improve your psychological well being.

Hot drink

It’s great to have a cup of hot coffee or tea, even warm water, and just sits and watch out the window or on the front porch, daydream, relax when you first get up in the morning, after you’ve had your full eight hours worth of rest. It gives you a chance to relax just a little while before the stress of the day has to begin.

Sleep In

Sleeping Self-care

Sleeping Self-care

Spending extra time relaxing under the covers in the morning if you can is meditative and serene.   Don’t pick up the cell phone and dive into the connected world. Stay in the calm. It will change your attitude and how you relate to people throughout the day. 

Practicing Positivity

It’s easy to get stuck on negative thoughts, but if you set your mind to concentrate on the positive, this will change your whole demeanor. Try journaling the negative feelings and flip them by writing affirmations about yourself that you then repeat to yourself throughout the day.

To do

Write down what your agenda is for the next day, along with the goals that you want to achieve.  This will take these thoughts out of your brain and transfer them to paper, so you’re not going over them as opposed to sleeping. It allows you to get a good night of rest and be fresh to accomplish what you have set to do on your list.  


Concentrating on the things that you hold an appreciation for has a significant impact on you physically and psychologically, according to studies. This conscious effort toward gratitude is linked to improved health, better concentration. It can even be linked to enhanced sleep patterns.  It’s vital to show joy and a grateful attitude also if it’s just a matter of being thankful for waking to another day. It will change the whole way you look at the world. 


There are loads of different varieties of whole, organic foods that are going to elevate your energy and make you feel good. But another product is absolutely free, that has the same benefits…water.  Dehydration, in even the smallest form, is capable of causing extreme fatigue, a lack of concentration, and an increase in irritability. It’s crucial for your well being to get as much water into your system as possible each day.


Self-care inside out with Meditation

Self-care inside out with Meditation

Taking time to meditate regularly allows for a reduction in stress. Still, it can also help with symptoms of anxiety as well as depression. It is also noted to help with a variety of different physical issues such as chronic pain and headaches. You can learn various different techniques through videos that you can find via YouTube. 


Get up early and put all of the electronic devices on mute and enjoy a day of not being connected. Go and get a manicure and a pedicure and have your hair cut. Take an actual day of truly spoiling yourself. This is a day for the full spa treatment and the lovely relaxing bath with all the beauty products.  No outside interruptions or technology. Seize your day. 

Self-care Inside Out

Spoiling yourself can mean a multitude of different things, as we can see here. As long as you are benefitting from it in your mind, body, and spirit and you are enhancing your well being, it doesn’t matter precisely how you go about your self-care. It’s just really very important that we all indulge in some kind and maintenance for us. As humans, we have a tendency to put ourselves last a majority of the time. We are just beginning to learn that we must start to put us as a priority.

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